InformArt has grown out if its transportation collaboration software roots to embark on developing a more general collaboration and crowdsourcing platform for cloud computing that we plan to use to help create the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) among other applications.

As a result of our working as a part of the NextGen Institute participating in the United States Joint Planning and Development Office's Net-Centric Operations Working Group, we are poised to launch our patent-pending solution to improve collaboration between Government and Industry stakeholders.  Ideally, our platform will go well beyond transportation planning to improve the way the world innovates.  Our technology will address social justice issues in the workplace and bring jobs to the jobless recovery.

InformArt is seeking Government and Industry partners to help implement our revolutionary patent-pending CrowdSourcery® collaboration concept.  Thought leaders will innovate more productively and be compensated more handsomely.  We are proud to have the opportunity to partner with the NASA Research Park to help bring this vision to reality.
18 Bushnell Street, Suite 204 • P.O. Box 116 • NASA Research Park • Moffett Field, California, 94035

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